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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Our members get full 24/7 gym access! For new sign-ups, tours, and general inquiries- our hours are typically Monday-Thursday from 2-7 pm and Saturday from 10-2 pm. Keep up with us on Facebook to learn about hour changes and holidays!

Do you have an age limit?

Yes! We allow ages 12 and up. Children ages 12 + 13 must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian that is also a member. Children 14, 15 + 16 can work out during staffed hours unaccompanied. Ages 17 can be permitted 24/7 access and a key fob with parent permission. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during initial sign-up to sign proper paperwork.

Do you have fitness classes?

Yes! Our fitness classes are open to all fitness levels and those over age 10. They are included in the memberships, or you can pay a drop-in if you're not a member. More info here.

Can someone show me how to use the equipment?

All of our memberships come with free orientations! They are not mandatory, just very helpful. We will show you how to use our most essential strength equipment and cardio machines. For a specialized plan designed for you and your goals read about our training here.

Do you offer a discount to fire responders or military?

We offer 5% off to all police, firefighters, EMTs, active and retired military!

How do I sign up?

Come in during staffed hours and get all your paperwork done! We'll show you the safety protocol, cleaning process, and all the important things to know. The whole process will be done in just a few minutes. Click here to get started.

Is there a safety protocol in place?

We have panic buttons, an emergency exit, AED, fire extinguishers, and a first aid kit out at all times to ensure your safety. We also have a strict cleaning protocol to keep you healthy as well. Once you sign up, we'll make sure you know it all!

Are there any hidden or annual fees?

Our pricing is totally straightforward! The only thing you'll have to pay other than your monthly price is a $10 fee to cover the price of your key fob. You won't have to pay it again unless you have to replace that key!

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