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Corporate Gym Memberships

Happy and healthy employees work harder and perform better

Invest in your employees without spending much- or spending nothing at all. Whether your business is local to our area, or your employees are, you can offer a unique service to your employees: 24/7 fitness. We have an 8 person group membership minimum, making this a very feasible option for small businesses to offer something to your employees normally reserved for large companies.


Improve morale


Increase productivity


Better retention

Offer free gym memberships 

Invest in your employees. If you pay for your employee's membership, enjoy our group discount as well as an additional discount for your generosity! Your discounted rate can extend to the immediate family of your employees- and bring your rates even lower.

Get gym membership discounts

If you have a group of coworkers or friends (at least 8), joining under a group membership, you will get a significant discount. This discount will extend to the immediate family of anyone in the group as well. 

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