Tabata Bootcamp 8 Week Program 



An 8-week program that consists of two small group training sessions per week accompanied by daily homework videos online and nutritional guidance. A sense of comradery is a huge benefit in this program and helps to keep you motivated and focused. If you are looking for success in health and fitness and gains in endurance and strength…..this is for you! MUST HAVE 4 participants for program to run. Cost is $240 not including tax. We can break up into payments of your choice over the course of the program for a one time service charge of $5 if this works better for some.

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Summer Shape Up


It’s time for a challenge!! Let’s get ready for Summer! Sometimes a competition is what you need to motivate and hold yourself accountable. We have the solution! A six week health/fitness challenge with prizes for the top three winners! Cost is $20 for members as well as non-members for the challenge with an additional option for a $40 (in addition to the $20 participation fee) six week temporary membership for non-members so they can use our facility during the challenge if they choose. It is not mandatory for non-members to purchase the temporary membership. Just an option.

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Physical wellness is achieved only when the body is healthy, and appropriate exercise is pivotal.

A diet full of nutrition is essential for total wellness, fueling your body from the inside out.

A harmony between body and mind ultimately create a perfect marriage to help achieve total wellness.

We open this gym to all and educate all those who wish in an attempt to help as many people achieve this wellness as we can.

Lack of Activity Destroys the Good Condition of Every Human Being, While Movement and Methodical Exercise Save it and Preserve it.


A word from our members

“I love everything about this gym, especially the convenience of having access any time of day, and it is right here in town! It is always clean and well kept. I have only been a member for the past month, but my teenage son has gone daily for several months and Erika has always been helpful with any questions we have had since he joined. I would highly recommend a membership!”

Tara D.

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girl working out muscle

“What an AMAZING place to not just workout but to work on getting your whole self in great working order. The equipment is just as good as the gyms that you pay an outrageous membership for. The staff and owners are the nicest and most caring people that you will find that care for your overall health and wellbeing. “


Derek H.

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Erika S.

Erika has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. She specializes in helping people achieve overall wellness who may have thought it was out of reach.

-Owner / Personal Trainer


Janelle S.

Janelle has lived with wellness as her goal from a young age, she now focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and educating others to do the same.

-Owner / Marketing Specialist