[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap]am Erika the owner of WholeBodyFitness Center, through the years and by trial and error I and my family have found there is a definite correlation between eating the “whole” foods and the health of our bodies.

Your body is like a car if we take care of the engine, putting the proper oil, gas, etc. in it our car will run well but if we don’t it can’t perform as it was made to. So too, are our bodies. Your body is the engine and our food is what goes in the engine. The different foods are equivalent to the different types of oil, gas, etc. If we put the wrong oil in the car over time it hurts our engine and it fails. Likewise, our bodies. If we put the wrong food in our body it hurts us, ex. “I don’t feel well”, and over time the body will fail.

This WholeBodyFitness blog is for you and is dedicated to teaching you what foods are good for your body, which are not, and why. Also, other topics will involve exercise, skin care, etc.

Our 24 hour gym, WholeBodyFitness Center, is Brookville, Ohio. This blog will focus the importance of knowing the difference between foods made with additives and preservatives and “Clean Foods“ foods with no additives and preservatives or “Real Food”. In addition, we will primarily highlight local businesses in and around Brookville, Ohio that offer good, healthy foods, “Whole Foods”.

We, WholeBodyFitness, are partnering up with this local farm, Tree Hill Farms  “Real Food Made Simple”, so we can help offer good quality meat and eventually produce to the community and our members.

We also have a smaller local farm coming out now on Tuesdays from 5-7 and they set up their produce stand out on our sidewalk and sell to the community as well as our members. They are Narrow Way Farm and they offer a 10% discount to our members also.

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